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Supporting Learning at Home

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Helping your child at home

At Five Elms Primary we are constantly striving to improve the children's mathematical ability and hugely value the support we get from Parents/Carers to do this.

Sometimes it is easy to forget how simple helping children develop their mathematical ability can be. Alongside the daily practising of number bonds and time tables, whether it be in the car or baking a cake, going to the supermarket or reading a book maths is everywhere. We believe that parents and school should work as a team to ensure that all our children reach their potential.

Take a look at the links below for some helps on how to support your children at home.

Resources and advice to assist you with working with your child at home.

  Homework: What Parents need to know
Advice from Directgov.
BBC Schools: Parents - Helping with School Work

Advice from the BBC on helping your child with homework.

Advice for families on reading with your child.



Letters & Sound Articulation Video.





Useful Maths sites:

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