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Home Work Projects

At Five Elms, children are given homework projects, involving tasks set over a two-three week period, or sometimes longer, which are linked to the termly topics covered in the year group.  Once children complete it, they feel like they have accomplished something. It is from here that they learn to plan and be organised. Doing homeworks helps a student apply his/her knowledge and skills to the lessons at hand which facilitates practical learning and enhances logical aptitude. 

Homework helps students build interest in a subject which makes them better in class. Moreover, teacher’s positive remarks serve as a boost to their studies. It is through homeworks that children learn to follow the instructions that come with every assignment. As a result, they try to explore more on the subject which helps them get better at studies and also paves way for more informed career choices at a later stage.
Enhance Skills
Homeworks help students get accustomed to the school activities. By doing these homeworks, children learn to amend their mistakes, improve their skills, and apply them to good effect. Moreover, this builds an attitude in students to explore and learn.
Homeworks are often used by teachers to consolidate the lessons taken in class and they also prepare the students to be ready for the next lesson. As a result, there is continuity between lessons. Doing a lesson over and over again in class can be beneficial for children but isn’t really possible always. This is where homeworks step in.
Parents should Encourage Homework

The motivation offered by homework should be accompanied by parent involvement. Some say that homework serves as a link between the school and home. Parents must strengthen this link by taking interest and supporting their children in their home assignments. Parents play an important part, when it comes to showing children that homework is not boring and that it is definitely not a waste of time.
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Below are examples of homework projects which children at Five Elms have submitted.

Year 3: Frozen Planet

Year 4: Exploring Space

Year 5 : Sound

Year 5: Paul Klee

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