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Five Elms Primary School Newsletter March 2019

Dates 17

Thursday 28th March

Meeting for Year 6 Parents regarding SATs 2019 between 9.00 a.m &  9.30 a.m

Friday 5th April

End of Term.   School ends normal time.

Tuesday 23rd April

Staff training day, school closed for pupils

Wednesday 24th April

School Re-opens.  Normal time.

Friday 26th April

Workshop for Parents of Reception Aged Children between 2.15 p.m. & 3.00 p.m. 

Monday 6th May

Bank Holiday.  School closed.

Monday 13th May to Thursday 16th May 

Year 6 SATs exams week 

Friday 24th May

End of Term.   School ends normal time.

Monday 3rd June

School Re-opens.  Normal time.

Friday 7th June Workshop for Parents of Reception Age Children between 2.15pm & 3pm.

March 19(1)

There will be workshops held for parents/carers of children in reception classes, Bronze and Gold on the following dates:

Friday 26th April between 2.15pm & 3pm

Friday 7th June between 2.15pm & 3pm

The workshops are for parents/carers to help their reception aged children with the following:

1.  Literacy

 Literacy in Early Years is very important as it gives children a secure foundation for later years. Literacy involves two parts – reading and writing. Our parental workshops provide ways in which your child can be supported at home. We will look at fun and exciting ways in which you can engage/communicate with your child in an environment outside of school. We also look at delivering phonics sessions with your child at home. We will be explaining the Letters and Sounds Phonic System in depth and directing parents to free resources which will contribute to your child’s phonic learning. 

2. Maths

 At Five Elms Primary School we follow the Maths Mastery Program.  Supporting children at home with Maths can be a very daunting experience. Our Maths workshop aims to reduce these worries, by giving parents a guideline as to how to support your child at home. We shall be sharing interactive activities to get your child motivated to wanting to learn more. We will also be explaining more about the maths curriculum and how your child can achieve the Early Learning Goal.

This term, children at Five Elms had a Special E-safety workshop which was hosted by a DB primary specialist.  Children learnt how to stay safe online and how to look for signs of suspicious activity.  DB Primary is a safe and secure on line environment, specifically designed for children.  We would encourage children communicate with each other thorough this platform which is safe platform.  For more information on how parents can support children on DB primary, see the guide below. 

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