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Our Governing Body 2020-21

The three core functions of a governing body as indicated in Ofsted's inspection criteria are setting a strategic direction for the school, creating robust accountability and ensuring financial probity. Governing bodies have a number of statutory duties that need to be fulfilled.

Together with the Headteacher, Governors are responsible for making sure the school provides a good quality education for all children and supports their well-being, they do the following:

  • Set the vision and strategic direction of the school
  • Provide challenge and support to the Headteacher, by holding the Headteacher accountable for educational performance
  • Make decisions together on matters such as performance, targets, school policies and the School Development Plan
  • Monitor the impact of policies and oversee school budget and staffing
  • Report on school achievements and respond to inspection recommendations
  • Hear appeals from pupils and staff and consider complaints.

Governors fulfil these duties by:

  • Visiting the school on a regular basis;
  • Attending Governor Board meetings that take place twice per term;
  • Asking questions and considering documents prepared by the school;
  • Challenging the Headteacher in a constructive way;
  • Developing and supporting the values of the school.

​The Governing Body (GB) of Five Elms Primary School consists of the people listed below:

Name of Governor/ Associate Member Date of appointment Governor Category Areas of Responsibility Committees Business Interests Attendance at full GB Meetings 2021-22
Mrs B. Turner N/A Headteacher
Chair of Staffing & Personnel
Pupil Welfare
Finance & Premises
(Staffing & Personnel – non voting) (HPRC)
None declared 100%

Mrs. Carol Canary



Board Members & Co-opted 

Chair of Governors


Attendance  Heads Performance Review ‘HPRC’
Finance & Premises



None declared 100%
Mrs. Stella Newman 2010 Co-opted  VICE CHAIR OF GOVERNORS Link Governor for SEND and Looked After Children & Safeguarding None declared 100%
Cllr. Ingrid Robinson 2020 Co-opted  LOCAL EDUCATION AUTHORITY REP   None declared  
Miss Jemma Buckle  reappointed 2021 Elected by Staff

Staff Governor

  None declared 100%
Mrs. Carol Dickson 2013


 Does have voting rights on the committee.

Deputy Head   None declared  
Mr Richard Ash  2012 Co-opted  Deputy Head   None declared  
Mr.  Steve Ley 2020 Co-opted      None declared  
Mr. Gerry Vincent  2012 Co-opted   



None declared  

Mrs. Isabel Eames

2017 Co-opted      None declared  
Mrs. Dionne Corrodus-Weekes 2019 Board Member & Co-opted,  Appointed by Board Finance  Finance  None declared  
Mr. Robert Armitage 2012
Elected by Parents
Ms. Olga Munikiene 2019 Elected by Parents PARENT GOVERNOR   None declared  

Governing Body Attendance from Autumn 2020 to the Present

Contacting the Governing Body

If you would like to contact the Chair of Governors, Mrs Carol Canary, please email A.Reid PA to the headteacher, A.Reid@five-elms.bardaglea.org.uk 

Constitution of Governing Body: 1 Head teacher, 3 Staff governors, 2 Parent governors, 2 Community governors, 6 Co-opted governors (Total 14).

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