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Five Elms Primary Results 2016

Please find below relevant information from the Department for Education Performance Tables.


82% of children achieved a good level of development:  this is significantly above the 2016 national average and above what the school achieved on own performance in 2015.

Y1 Phonics Screening

77% of children achieved 32+ marks out of 40. This is broadly in line with the national figure 2016. The school has significantly improved on their own performance in this measure from 2015.

End of Key Stage 1 Results - 2016

KS1 16

End of Key Stage 2 Results - 2016

Children achieving scaled score of 100 or more:

Reading: (55%) (National average 66%)

Writing:  82% (National average 74%)

Grammar, punctuation and spelling: 70% (National average 72%)

Maths: 62% (National average 70%)

Reading, writing and maths combined: 42% (National average 53%)

Average scaled scores:

Reading:  98.6

Maths: 101.7

Percentage of Pupils achieving a high level of attainment: 

Reading:  11.5% (National 19%)

Writing: 11.5% (National 14%)

Maths: 16.4% (National 17%)

Reading, writing and maths combined: 6.6% (National 7%)


Reading: -3.0 (below National)

Writing: +2.3 (above National)

Maths: +0.4 (above National)

The scores are based on 0 = National average and therefore – is below and + is above.

School Performance Table

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