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Upcoming Events for Parents & Carers.


We'd like to introduce the launch of 'Five Elms Friends Association', how you can help us, and what's in it for you.

Why does the school have F.E.F.A?

Our main function is to support the school by raising as much money as we can to enhance, enrich and improve learning experiences for the children. In addition to that we provide those 'little extras' that make school memorable.

We also exist to bring the communities of school and home closer together because it makes sense for parents to be involved in the life of their chosen school.

Lastly, we’re here for the simple reason that we want to get together socially, meet new people and have fun!

FEFA are parents, carers, friends and allies – just like you.

International Afternoon 2019

Parents in Five Elms Friends Association and Ms. 
Francesca Paliotta organised an ‘International 
Afternoon' to celebrate and highlight the 
wonderful Vibrant Cultures and Talents of Five 
Elms Community.  The afternoon was packed with 
colour, food and a range of activities from music, 
dance to art and craft.  The whole community came 
together to celebrate, our successes,  you can view 
our talents in the video.

International video 2019.mp4
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