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Useful Links

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Art Attack  For children who love art.                

BBC Bitesize KS1  Revision website for KS1

BBC Cbeebies   Lots of fun for children

BBC Early Years, Foundation  BBC Website just for under 5's

BBC School Games  School Games for all ages

BBC Schools  Interesting interative activities for all the family

Colour With Leo  Interactive Art Website

Cool Maths Games  Games to help you learn maths.

Crickweb  Crickweb can help children with their revision in all subjects.

Dynamite Multiplication: Cool site to help you learn your tables.

Grammar and Punctuation: Site to help learn practice the rules.

Hiccup's Science Workshop: features science experiments, free printables and worksheets with a focus on the scientific method.

ICT Games Co.Uk  ICT Learning Games for Infants.

Jumpstart: Readily available educational resources for parents, teachers and students make the process of learning and teaching a lot easier and more fun for everyone.

Keyseeker  Key skill test for children UNDER 5.

Kid Links  Welbourne primary school have a great selection of educational links.

Parent Drop-In Sessions for Homework

Five Elms Primary school is offering homework drop in sessions for families or individuals, so they have an opportunity to ask any questions about homework activities set and to take away any  free resources that will help their child. 

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Kid Sites  Plenty of educational games for children.

KS2 Bitesize  An excellent site for fun and revision.

Listen and Spell:  Games to help children learn spelling

Learning Games For Kids  Learning and Interactive games for Children

Leaning Keyborad Skills  Keyboard skills for children Over 5

Lets Create Music  For children who really love to make music.

Maths Cats  Fun maths activities.

Maths Cats  Fun maths activities.

Math Magician: Maths games to help children learn their number facts.

Mathletics: Play live maths with children all over the world.

Multiplication Madness: Practice your tables.

Multiplication Millionaire: Test your table facts knowldge.

Multiplication Space Race: Play this game and reinforce your table knolwdge.

Multiplication Tables – Sum Sense: rearrange the digit cards to make the number sentences.

Number Games  If you enjoy numbers then this is the website for you!

ICT Activities  ICT club activities

Kaleidoscope Painter

Typing Games:  A fantastic website, for children to practice their keyboarding skills.

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Bottle Rocket Challenge Family Activity

Go beyond the classroom and extend learning with activities designed for families to complete together. Click on the PDF link below.


Career Launcher Game Family Activity

Play this game with your friends, family or people in your class and find out more about the skills, careers and abilities that could launch your career in space exploration.

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