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Welcome to Five Elms Primary School Website. Class change over, Tuesday 18th July 2022 morning. Year 6 party date moved to Wednesday 20th July between 5-7pm. Thursday 21st July, school will close early at 1pm. Children will return to school on Monday 5th July 2022.

Five Elms Primary School

Wood Lane,


 RM9 5TB

Telephone: 0208 270 4909

General enquiries - office@five-elms.bardaglea.org.uk 

Headteacher - Mrs B. Turner
Chair of Governors- Mrs C Canary 
Safeguarding/SENCO: Mr R Ash.

0208 270 4909/1042

First point of contact:  Mr. R. Helim (Business Manager)

0208 270 4909


Hard copies of any documents are available upon request from the school office

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