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Music plays an important role at Five Elms Primary school as it increases our pupil’s emotional wellbeing and confidence. Children sing together in their key stages each week, exploring a range of music styles. Our music curriculum is designed to provide our pupils with a love and appreciation of music through enjoyable and creative lessons. From Early Years through to year 6, children are encouraged to develop skills in singing, composing and responding to a wide variety of music, and this helps them to form a positive attitude towards learning.


In year 5, each pupil is provided with an instrument and receives weekly lessons from the borough community music service. They then have the opportunity to continue with their lessons in year 6. In order for them to gain confidence in performing, the children regularly perform mini concerts to other pupils in the school and parents. We have also collaborated with another local school and performed songs and compositions together. Five Elms has a strong choir and the children have performed at the Young Voices concerts at the O2, the borough music festival and in the wider community. Children are also given the opportunity to further their musical skills if they are nominated for the community music service workshop programme. We have also had some talented individuals who have participated in the Royal Opera House Youth Choir.


Music is an integral part of our school life and we aim to provide children with the skills and appreciation, which will allow them to access any form of music they wish to in their futures.

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