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At Five Elms Primary School we want everyone to be involved in learning, aim for achievement at their highest possible level and to experience and celebrate success. We want to promote an environment in which everyone feels happy, safe and secure, confident, caring and articulate and to use their abilities to the full.

Our Art and Design curriculum is designed with the intent to support our ethos and maximise the potential of all of our pupils; intellectually, socially, morally, emotionally and culturally. We feel that Art and Design is an important part of our curriculum and it is our aim to engage and inspire all children through creative opportunities. We believe that Art and Design encourages children to develop their creativity, nurture their imagination and provide children with a variety of ways to express their thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Our Art and Design curriculum develops the children’s creative skills to express their knowledge, thoughts and feelings through a range of skills and mediums. Our children are given the opportunities to experiment with a range of different materials, to use drawing, painting and sculpting techniques to bring their ideas to life. Our curriculum also develops the children’s resilience, reflective, evaluative and communitive skills to express their opinions. The appreciation and involvement in art also enhances their emotional wellbeing, developing the children’s self-confidence, sense of identity and communication skills.

Our Art curriculum has been designed so that the children receive a broad and balanced curriculum by ensuring a range of artists, crafts people and architects are studied across the year groups that reflect a range of different cultural backgrounds, classic and contemporary artists. This enables our children to know how Art & Design has contributed to our culture and understanding of our history and the world. Our medium term plans are organized into three areas of skills (drawing, painting and sculpture) this is to ensure the disciplines are taught each year and skills are built upon each year. 


The plans include prior knowledge to ensure teachers refer to what was previously taught and move the children’s learning on to ensure good progress is made. Specific key vocabulary is also included in our plans to give children the means to express their growing knowledge, views and opinions about the art world.


To enrich the children’s experiences and to further their involvement and growing understanding of art, we also make use of the arts and cultural opportunities in our community, for example visits to London’s galleries and museums.

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