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Year 6 Summer Term 2019 News Letter

Dear Parents and Carers,

 Welcome to the Summer Term. After months of preparation, pupils will be sitting the SATS test from Monday the 13th May 2019 to Thursday 16th May, 2019.

Year 6 SATs Information

Monday -13th May

Tuesday -14th May

Wednesday-15th May

Thursday-16th May

Spellings, Punctuation and Grammar


Maths –Arithmetic

Maths – Reasoning B



Reasoning B


All SATs papers will be starting at 9:45 and will expect children to be on time at school. Children should also be encouraged to eat well, exercise and go to bed early in order to be well rested for the SATS exams.

Useful websites for supporting your child’s progress:





After SATS Trips: There will be a number of visits to various museums during the summer term and parents will be informed as appropriate.

 All lessons will resume as usual after the SATs test and pupils will be expected to attend school regularly.

PE: Please ensure that your child has the correct PE kit, clearly labelled with their name.






Mrs Osei

Miss Bowie

Mr Folkard

PE Days

Wednesday& Thursday

Tuesday & Friday

Tuesday & Friday



First Half


Second Half


•Learn a poem and a playscript and perform audibly with intonation and tone so meaning is clear to the audience.

•Learn a wider range of poetry by heart.

•Classics and stories from other cultures.

•Make comparisons within the text (e.g. how does xxx change his mood?) (1f)

•Skim and scan for information under timed conditions

•Myths, legends, traditional stories

•Learn a poem and a playscript and perform audibly with intonation and tone so meaning is clear to the audience.

•Learn a wider range of poetry by heart.

•Present information in different ways including debate and formal presentation (eg debate speeches, book reviews, character profiles)


Angles,  Area and Perimeter

SATS Preparation

Measurements, Ratio, Algebra,

SATS Preparation


SCIENCE:  Electricity and Working Scientifically

SCIENCE: light travels in straight lines, the eye.



ICT: Animations Coding?

ICT-Spreadsheet on Shadows


Sport: Nimble Nets

Health: Healthy Mind: healthy body

Fitness: Cool Core (Pilates)

Sport: Young Olympians

Health: Germ Busters

Fitness: Fitness Frenzy


Honest self-reflection, resilience and perseverance, long term goals

Acknowledging that feelings have a purpose, managing feelings when changing schools


Topic /history

  Theme from British history





ART: What materials can we use to create light?





11 0th - 12th June 2019- children will be going to the residential at Rokesbury.

The children who will not be participating in the residential will be taking part in the Junior Citizenship Workshops in Romford and also taking part in the Architects in Schools Program.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to talk to your child’s teacher after school.


Many thanks,

Year 6 Team

(Miss Osei, Miss Bowie and Mr Folkard)

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