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Governing Body Strategic Plan 2016 - 2019


Ethos and Values

CREAM – the heart of our ethos.

Can-do, Resilience, Expectation, Aspiration, Motivation

The Governing Body want to promote a stimulating environment in which everyone feels happy, safe and secure.  It is a place where children are confident, caring and articulate and able to use their abilities to the full.

We provide a calm, supportive atmosphere and set high standards of respect, courtesy, hard work and achievement for all children and adults.

Our rules are based upon these concepts and we ensure that children understand their rights and responsibilities.

Governors proactively recruit effective and committed people to work in the school and deliver the best possible outcomes for children. It is essential that all stakeholders support the vision of the school. The curriculum is driven by the school values to provide challenging, creative and aspirational learning experiences for all children. Children attain and progress well from their different starting points. Everyone involved with the school is a valued and respected member of our school community.  

We are very proud of the social and cultural diversity of our school. The children and staff come from over forty different countries and we celebrate the richness that this brings to the school. This diversity is reflected in our curriculum, our policies and procedures and our school environment. The Governing Body works collaboratively to eliminate all forms of discrimination, harassment and victimisation and upholds our duty of care through safeguarding.

Strategic Priorities

  1. To ensure children make or exceed expected progress.
  2. To continuously improve and sustain the quality of teaching and learning so that it is good or outstanding in all lessons.
  3. Strengthening partnerships between the school, parents and community.
  4. Collaborate with the Governing Bodies of schools in the PACE cluster to strategically drive the formation of the Umbrella Foundation Trust with the Local Authority.
  5. Improving and integrating effective governance and leadership into the whole school.
  6. Prioritising excellence in staffing.
  7. Continuing strong financial and pro-active budget management.
  8. Improving and enhancing the school environment.


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