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Coronavirus: Lockdown

Dear Parents/Carers,

UK Shut down

Following on from the latest government advice, which has been very clear that all people are to stay at home. 
Boris Johnson last night announced that everyone must now stay at home except in exceptional circumstances, to protect our NHS and save lives.

Sending your child/ren in, must only be used as a last resort and because there absolutely is no other option. This is also only for the most critical frontline Covid 19 response staff. It is essential that we keep the number of children accessing the provision as low as possible to avoid the spread and to not put any other families at risk. The advice is very clear, where you are able to care for your child at home, you should do so.

Even though some schools will stay open, you should ONLY take your children to them, if you have been notified that you are a critical worker AND, if you absolutely have NO other option.

Families should be staying at home and a ‘normal’ home-based routine should be in place during this period. Children staying within their family home also protects the adults in school and their families. 

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