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Five Elms Performances and Productions

The Importance of Performances and Plays

Drama is part of the language arts program involving listening, speaking, reading and writing. Teachers can use drama to support these aspects of literacy development. Pupils find drama playful and entertaining and become actively engaged in the dramatic process.  One important function of drama at Five Elms is to enhance the students' vocabulary proficiency, which is crucial to literacy development. Teachers are encouraged to create a memorable event when presenting unfamiliar words. A vocabulary lesson might involve students acting out interesting stories that contain new vocabulary. When pupils act out stories, they learn to connect events in an organized narrative. This is the start of understanding the plot of a narrative, with a beginning, middle and an end along with conflict and resolution. Pupils also become interested in literature in preparation for independent reading that takes place in later years. With repeated dramatic story re-enactment opportunities directed by the teacher, young students may eventually initiate such activities on their own.

Other benefits of role are listed below:

Self Confidence

  • Being part of a play shows children that there are people who appreciate them. Theater helps build up self-esteem with each round of applause the performers receive.

Public Speaking

  • Public speaking can be a huge problem for someone too shy or someone who lacks confidence. Being part of the theater can help a child  to move past her shyness and develop proper public speaking skills.


  • Theater brings out a child's creativity in a way that no sport can. This newly discovered creativity can help improve a child's reading and math skills by teaching them to open up their mind. If a child is playing a math whiz, they may become more interested in math as part of her research and characterization.


  • Theater requires a lot of dedication. A child must learn his lines and memorize stage blocking. Dedication is an important skill that is always used in the real world. Children learn this the moment they participate in a play production.


  • Being part of a theater program is a great way to teach a child about commitment. When a child is involved in the production of a play, they'll realize that there are many others who are depending on them.

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