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ring his ideas with the rest of the class during english                                                                                     


Golden Award Winners of the Week 


Each week, teachers select two children from their classes, who have shown hard work, dedication and commitment towards their work and learning, to receive the Golden Award certificate.  The table below is a list of the children who have been nominated for the retrospective week.      

Class Award Winners for the week ending 3rd November Achievement 
Onyx Daniel great effort in writing
  Charis enthusiasm in writing
Opal Emma motivation
  Hayleigh can do attitude
Amber Joel creating an amazing film trailer in ICT
  Wali behaving well on our school trip
Amethyst Michael raising his expectations
  Tommy resilience and attitude
  Bobby motivation in his learning
  Yasin can do attitude
Jet Warisha resilience when using the formal method for multiplication
  Joshua resilience in multiplication tasks
Jade Teni can do attitude
Aquamarine Tilly, Gabriel, Emmanuel reading comprhension
  Billy, Alfie, Tyler helping others
  Nasihah motivation and resilience during our sport baseline asst.
Turquoise Zainab building up stamina in writing
  Zackaria trying to improve the neatness of his writing
  Kacey showing great resilience when coming up to a difficult task
Topaz   to all the children in Topaz class for their hard work
Diamond Scarlet being motivated 
  Jordane being resilient and improving his writing
Sapphire Jeremy motivation in writing
  Harris high expectations of himself
Emerald Faizan always trying his best 
  Rosery can do attitude and always trying his best
Ruby Daniela working hard
  David can do attitude






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