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ring his ideas with the rest of the class during english                                                                                     


Golden Award Winners of the Week 


Each week, teachers select two children from their classes, who have shown hard work, dedication and commitment towards their work and learning, to receive the Golden Award certificate.  The table below is a list of the children who have been nominated for the retrospective week.      

Class Award Winners for the week ending 9th June Achievement 
Onyx Katelin being motivated during Year 6 production
  Daniel O being motivated during Year 6 production
Opal Bethany motivation and teamwork
  Kamilah can do effort
Amber Muhammed aspiration and positive attitude
  Shay aspiration and motivation
Amethyst Leah  can do and resilience
  Megan  motivation and can do
Jet Lisandro being motivated with his reading
  Patrick having a can do attitude in maths
Jade Ellie motivation and can do 
  Arlinda resilience in Maths
Jasper Jessica motivation and resilience during our sport baseline asst.
  Fatima motivation and resilience during our sport baseline asst.
  Nasihah motivation and resilience during our sport baseline asst.
Turquoise Luka being motivated and using problem solving skills in Maths
  Omar sharing lovely ideas for poetry
Topaz Ethan can do attitude when writing his poem about The Dark
  Sophie being highly motivated when writing a poem about the dark
Diamond Sydney expectations in her listening and using her imagination
  Zackaria using all of his CREAM attitude to produce a fabulous artwork
Sapphire Lacey can do attitude with Maths
  Lina hih expectations of herself
Emerald Andra enthusiastic attitude in Maths and her growing independence
  Samanta enthusiastic attitude to learning and a fabulous can do attitude
Ruby Archie can do attitude in all activities
  Nabiha fbeing very motivated in all aspects of her learning






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