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Year 6 Science Project - Human Circulatory System

Photo 11-26-2014-15.07.45
Photo 11-26-2014-15.10.22-1
Photo 11-26-2014-15.13.18
Photo 11-26-2014-15.13.45-1
Photo 11-28-2014-14.41.03Photo 11-28-2014-14.41.16Photo 11-28-2014-14.41.29Photo 11-28-2014-14.41.40

Year 6 created their own Human Circulatory System diagrams. They used blue straws to represent the veins and the red straws to represent the arteries.

Photo 11-26-2014-15.09.15-1Photo 11-28-2014-14.40.58Photo 11-28-2014-14.41.33Photo 11-28-2014-14.41.33-1
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